Milano Sake Challenge adopts the next generation of "competition evaluation software", meticulously crafted to bring precision and mathematical rigor to the art of competition evaluation.

We believe that the software is more than just a tool - it is an indispensable ally for executing a sake competition where mathematical precision defines excellence. It offers an unparalleled solution for establishing a stable and successful competition platform while enjoying their passion for innovation and quality in the food and beverage industry. With the use of the INDEX APP platform, Milano Sake Challenge will be celebrated for its fairness, accuracy, and international appeal.

We want to underline the robust mathematical framework that powers the software, providing assurance of its capability to handle and accurately analyze extensive data in a competitive environment.


Advanced Statistical Analysis

INDEX APP software employs complex algorithms to calculate statistical measures like variance and standard deviation.

This ensures that all judgments profiles are assessed with quantitative backing, reducing bias and providing a level of standardization that manual methods can't match.

Handling Large Datasets

For competitions with a vast number of entries, our system effortlessly computes key statistical metrics across large datasets.

Imagine evaluating thousands of sakes, with each having multiple attributes rated on a scale; our software can process these ratings to provide a statistically sound leaderboard, reflecting the consistency and variability in judging.

Variance Calculation

By determining the variance in judges' scores, our software identifies how widely scores vary for each sake.

This insight is crucial when you have a large array of judges, ensuring that outliersdon't disproportionately affect the competition's outcomes.

Standard Deviation Insights

Beyond variance, the standard deviation is calculated to understand the average deviation of scores from the mean.

This measure is particularly informative for competitors and organizers, highlighting whether a sake's rating consistency might indicate a unanimous quality level or a divisive profile.

Robust Multilingual Support

Judges and competitors can interact with statistical data in their preferred language, making the software internationally accessible and ensuring that mathematical concepts such as variance and standard deviation are universally understood.

Real-Time Results

As scores are submitted, our software instantly calculates and updates statistical metrics.

This allows for a dynamic and engaging environment where both participants and audience can see how each entry performs against rigorous mathematical standards

Data Security

We guarantee the utmost protection of all statistical data, adhering to the highest standards, ensuring that the mathematical integrity of the competition's results remains uncompromised.

Continuous Support

Our dedicated team is on standby to provide assistance, ensuring that the mathematical algorithms and statistical analyses are clear and beneficial throughout the competition.